Bottom Line Oriented

We understand the demands of business today. Our solutions are tried and tested AND are state of the art – they will improve the productivity of your business and get results.

Easy Access

We have our Head Office in the vicinity of city centre, a branch in Arusha, and another branch in Mwanza.

Total IT Solution

We are a one stop shop. Hardware, Software, Web Solutions, Technical and Maintenance, Training, Enterprise Solutions, Communication Solutions; You name it – Powercomputers provides it!


We do not provide you with what we offer. No. We look into your specific requirements, and provide you with what you need.


We believe in bringing SMART, innovative, state of the art business solutions to the local Tanzanian market.


We specialize in providing solutions to common and uncommon business problems and requirements. We’re passionate about what we do and are constantly anticipating the growing needs of our clients and the market in general which enables us to be prepared to provide the support that our clients need.


We work in most industries and learn the nuances of our clients’ businesses quickly.

On-Going Support

All service calls are attended in a fixed response time depending upon the client location. We have a large fleet of vehicles for faster back up and service.

Customer Service Focus

Great customer service is fundamental to all successful businesses – it’s ingrained in the corporate culture and in every correspondence with every customer. This philosophy drives our business and is woven through all our dealings.

Great People

We’re proud of our people and our staff skills are constantly being upgraded to meet industry standards.

Our Guarantee

We strive to exceed your expectations and guarantee your complete satisfaction.