We are a new division under Powercomputers. We focus on Digital Marketing service in Tanzania that promotes your business and increase popularity in a very effective and reasonable way

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing your company using the Internet.

Why Digital Marketing?

1. Greater reach of your Adverts than print adverts
2. More affordable
3. Results can be tracked
4. The Information stays
5. Awareness of latest products and of any promotion activities

Why you NEED Digital Marketing?

1. To give prompt response to query received.
2. Therefore, building a stronger Public Relation (PR)
3. Interactions with targeted audiences
4. Helps generate better revenues

How much Investment needed for Digital Marketing?
Notice, that we didn’t mention Cost rather Investment. This is because, Digital Marketing provides Return On Investment (ROI).

Investment is based on your budget.

Methods of Digital Marketing

1. Email Shots
2. Facebook Ad’s
3. Google Ad’s
4. Instagram