Fleet Management

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  • Do you want to have better control on your moving vehicles?
  • Do you want to know your drivers’ behavior?
  • Do you want to reduce accidents?
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PowerTrack – your Fleet Management Solution – provides 24/7 access over the Internet and call center to answer your queries about your vehicle.

Knowing where your vehicle is at any given point of time, or where it has been, is now in your hands with total control.


What do you get from PowerTrack services?

Real Time Information

Get real-time information about where your vehicles are at a predefined time interval. Apart from this you can get related information at any given point in time on request.

Various analyses using historic data

Trip-related information is available through a tracking device installed in the vehicle. This data is helpful in analyzing various parameters such as speed, stoppage, total distance travelled.

Alerts in case of violations

Get alerts via SMS and E-mail whenever vehicles / drivers do unauthorized activities. Define the threshold of speeds, stoppage time, etc, and exception alerts shall be generated.

How do you get the information?

PowerTrack provides Web-based Vehicle Monitoring & Analysis as a “Service”. This service allows you to comprehensively monitor your mobile assets for location, over-speeding, unauthorized stoppages, and provides you with alerts as well as comprehensive reports. The service is available by logging on to our website as well as by calling our support center.


Control at the click of a button:

Use the real-time information and various reports to gain control on your vehicles to manage them better.


Reduce fuel wastage, wear-and-tear, maintenance costs, unauthorized use of vehicles. Optimize your vehicles to earn more by doing more with fewer resources.

Efficient Logistics Management:

Assist lost drivers, dispatch at a glance (view part or the entire vehicle), knowledge will create confidence and reduce stress and assure better decision-making.



Improved Customer Service:

More accurate prediction of arrival times, faster pickups and deliveries (dispatch closest vehicle by having real-time information), reduce operator tardiness.

Enhanced productivity:

By managing the vehicle more efficiently, you will reduce the driver fatigue and stress in long trips. This will enhance driver productivity, which will help in retaining best employees.

How does it work?

It uses GPRS technology to tell you exactly where your vehicle is at all times. There will be two devices installed into your vehicle. One is a processor, and one is an antenna. The antenna will give signals and let the processor know where it is.

The processor will make the information available on the internet and into your mobile phone. It also has sensors that can let you know How long your vehicle was stopped for, and whether the engine was on or off during this time to prevent waste of fuel. It will tell you if seat belts are secured and if the cabin doors are open or closed. And much more info!

It is literally as if you are sitting in and monitoring each and every one of your vehicles at all times.

What some Users of PowerTrack say:

“…we are able to control our drivers’ behaviors and monitor our vehicles efficiently, thus enhancing performance of the entire operations.”

“…revenue per unit has significantly increased as we can now redirect our vehicles on the fly.”

“…we have reduced our overtime bills as we now have the information to manage the time spent on each trip.”

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