Security Home Alarm Systems


A new generation of New Home alarm system based on GSM network is a complete security system with Home automation controlling integrated in one very compact and easy to use device. With the change of times, a simple alarm function already cannot satisfy the increasing market demand, especially with the escalation of people’s living environment, the facilities has been informative intelligent and networking, the embedded system has been used more and more widely in common household. The integration of alarm and intelligent household become a trend, and GS-G90E has been developed under this trend.

Firstly: intelligent lighting control

Realize the intelligent management of all the lights in your house. You can use remote control and many other intelligent control methods to realize the whole house lighting remote control.
Use APP application of Iphone / Android or just SMS to control house lights remotely.

Secondly, intelligent electric equipment control

Electrical equipments are adopt the way of weak electric control strong electric which is safe and smart. You can use a variety of intelligent remote control, timing and many other ways to achieve the intelligent control of drinking fountains, sockets, air conditioning, warm, projectors, new wind systems at home; avoid drinking machine repeated heating therefore affect water quality in the night, ensure the inserted row is powered off when going out, avoiding safety hazards caused by electrical heating; timely remote control and timing control the warm and air conditioner, allowing you to enjoy temperature and fresh air immediately when you back to home. Advantages:

1. Easy: local control, scene control, remote control, remote control, telephone control, computer control and so on.

2. Control: via infrared or protocol signal control mode, safe, convenient and complementary interference.

3. Health: temperature, humidity, light can be detected at home through intelligent detector and drives electrical equipment work automatically.

4. Safety: The system can automatically turn on or turn off the circuit according to the rhythm of life, avoiding unnecessary waste and electrical fires caused by the aging.

Thirdly, the security monitoring system

With the escalation of people’s living environment, people going to pay more and more attention on their personal safety and property security. Higher requirements are put forward for human safety, family and residential district security. At the same time, the rapid economic development accompanied by the sharp increase of urban migrants cause new challenges for the city’s social security. The security systems of ones’ own is quite necessary to protect the community’s safety and prevent stole events. The simple security ways can’t meet our requirements. And the intelligent security has become the current trend.

  1. capacitive Touch screen Keypad GSM alarm system with delicate design
  2. 8 wired, 99 wireless defense zones
  3. LCD display, built-in calendar clock, Full voice prompts, installation setting and daily operation are more easily.
  4. Can Store 6 groups of phone numbers : when alarming, the alarm system will make alarm call to these numbers automatically.
  5. Each zone name can be modified by users.
  6. 10 seconds Voice Message recording playback: human recording, synchronous playback for recording effect in audition
  7. Defense modes: remote, keypad and non-local remote by telephone, stay-in, timing defense and individual defense in zones
  8. Programming of defense zone type: all zones could be programmed via keypad for immediate, delayed, 24-hour and bypass alarm modes
  9. Alarm position programming: Intelligent automatic speech recognition: SOS and fire, gas leak, magnetic contact, hall, window alarm, balcony alarm and perimeter alarm
  10. Timing arm and disarm: console features automatic timing arm and disarm
  11. Two arm models:
    * Home alarm model: console music and voice alarm, external siren mute
    * Home away arm model: console voice and loud external siren alarm
  12. Password recovery: whether console in defense or withdrawal, lost password can be recovered
  13. Intelligent learning code, newly added with detector, prompt and efficient, convenient and simple
  14. Event log query: console automatically records 45 pieces of all information concerning defense, withdrawal and alarm events
  15. Line priority alarm: console will cut busy call and switch to priority alarm in case of alarm during ongoing call, no matter incoming or outgoing call
  16. Remote control: through remote phone (cell phone) dial-up, various operations could be realized, like defense, withdrawal and on-site monitoring