Vision & Mission

CEO Message

Computer Solutions are made up of the hardware, the software and the services that integrate and support them. Without all three working together, the solution is not really a solution. It is just a technology. At Powercomputers, we combine the three aspects together to provide our customers with the best brands name computers, the widest selection of the software solutions and the best technical expertise in a wide range of support.

Whether you are planning on purchasing your first office computer or need to upgrade computing power and capabilities of an entire company you can rely on Powercomputers, to develop the best possible solution.

Powercomputers started 15 years back only with small space of 75 m in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and staff strength of 5. But today, Powercomputers is occupying space measuring of 600 Square Meters at our head office and staff strength of 75 Members. We have branches in Mwanza and Arusha.

Powercomputers is considered one of the top IT companies in Tanzania providing complete IT solutions, however there is only one secret behind our success, and that is our customer base, which has been in the increasing since inception of the company.

Shakil Dharamsi
Powercomputers Telecommunication Ltd

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The hallmark of our company is our commitment to continuous improvement and process control.

Our mission is to expand the concept of value to include all elements of the total products or service experience, i.e. convenience of purchases, after-sale service, product or service characteristics, dependability and reliability dependability and reliability. We categorize the elements of customer value as operational excellence, customer flexibility and technical leadership.

Our purpose is to earn a loyal consumer-patronage through our continual efforts to provide quality, cost-effective innovational products and to keep them informed of technological developments crucial to the progress of their industry and personal actualization; maintaining a high level of social responsibility by endorsing continual advancement in knowledge-based technology.

We believe in understanding customers’ needs and efficiently providing the most effective computing solutions not only to meet customers’, but to exceed them

Our Vision

At Powercomputers, we strive to lead the I.T industry in Tanzania in bringing in the latest and most advanced technology, the most diverse solutions for all the possible needs of our customers, including computer systems and software, security and networks, storage systems and microelectronics.

We translate our advanced technologies into professional solutions of value to our customers – be it Corporate, NGOs, Government Organizations, SMEs or individuals.